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Witte Salie 25 Gram

Artikel 196957


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Witte Salie 25 Gram kopen

Californische salie is de belangrijkste sterke reiniger voor aura en ruimtes. Wordt gebrand in Abelone schelp (ook via deze website verkrijgbaar) om de vier elementen compleet te maken (schelp=water, aansteken=vuur, rook=lucht, salie=aarde). Eerst de aura reinigen, vervolgens de hoeken van het vertrek, daarna de hele ruimte. Om de resten van de salie te verbranden kunt u kooltjes gebruiken (ook via deze website verkrijgbaar)

Smudge Sticks or Smudge Bundles are all-natural ceremonial incense traditionally burned in Native American rituals such as sweat lodges. Increasingly, doctors, therapists, and body workers are discovering the beneficial aspects of these herbs. Smudge Bundles are one of the means by which people around the globe are reconnecting with the power of Mother Nature. The use of plant and resin smoke possibly evolved out of the primordial campfires from distant caves. The ceremony of cleansing people, places and objects through smoke is continued today. Not only good for keeping pesky flying insects away certain plant smokes (smudges) could preserve food and hides. Some smudges could also impart protection from unseen spirits and thoughts. To apply the protective cleansing power of a smudge a leaf or resin was heated to make smoke that was brushed over the person or object often with a feather fan. Some plant smokes had specific healing properties while others more generic powers. The smudge smoke is made either by spreading dry herbs on hot coals or hot rocks or igniting dry hers in a clay bowl or shell. Desert sage grows on the high desert of the West. It is traditionally used in ceremonies and included in medicine pouches and bundles. Sage is burned in smudging ceremonies to drive out bad spirits, feelings or influences. The leaves are valued for their aromatic properties and are used as a natural moth repellent. Sage can be used in numerous ways. Native Americans of the Plains Nations cover the floor of their sweat lodges with sage. They will also breathe through a small bundle of sage and at times rub the bundle on their bodies while in the sweat lodge. Sage makes the bad spirits sick. They go away from it when it is burned. It does not make the good spirits sick. They will not leave when it is smoked. Sweet grass is pleasant to all the spirits. Good spirits like it. Bad spirits like it. All like it. The smoke of sweet grass is pleasant to the good spirits. They come to the smoke. They are pleased with one who makes this smoke. They will listen to what such a one asks. But the bad spirits come also to enjoy the smoke. So, sage must be burned to make them sick.

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