Copy of The TikTok Tarot

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Prairie Majesty Oracle

The prairie holds a promise of peace and of power, just like you. Come for a walk under the summer sky and let your fingers trail the grasses and wildflowers. Listen to the birds, the insects, and the wind. There’s nowhere to hide from the Sun, nor any need to do so.

  • Let’s take our power back in the way that feels authentic to each of us. Let’s use it to fulfill what our individual souls want to do/be/create! This benefits everyone.

  • Let’s continue abandoning old ideas around external authority and power abuses that foment oppression, inequality, and scarcity.

  • Let’s replace it with honoring (celebrating!) the Knowing and intrinsic value of each individual, sovereign in and unto themselves. We each have the divine right to decide for ourselves how to live

Prairie Majesty Oracle encourages us to find and follow our inner map.
Sometimes this is going to feel like new terrain. Don’t forget to explore the frontier with a spirit of adventure–and without all the colonial, territorial, hierarchical bullshit.

Using these themes, I’ve written a special guided meditation for your own personal transformation process. I hope you enjoy it!

The first 48 cards in the deck are Category Cards. They are evenly divided into four types of actions, with color coding at the bottom of each card for at-a-glance interpreting.

Each Category Card features a flora, fauna, or elemental being, along with a verb reminiscent of an action they take in the wild. There’s also an open-ended question prompt on the cards themselves. This invites and anchors a fresh perspective in working with that energy. During the creation process, I had to attune to that being’s energy until I felt the precise question— sometimes that was the most time-consuming aspect!

The final four are Celestial Cards: Sun, Moon, Star, and Sky. These cards suggest the movement of the energy flow in a spread. They help you see overarching themes in how the other cards fit together.

You can mix the Celestial Cards with the Category Cards while shuffling and trust that one or more will pop up when/if needed. Or, you can set them aside while drawing a spread, and then choose one Celestial Card for an extra layer of interpretation and understanding.

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Copy of The TikTok Tarot
Copy of The TikTok Tarot

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